Monday, 10 March 2014


didn't scream, 
didn't shout   
I know my son was zapped,   
    with my un-usual clout,   
how do I explain him,   
      A mother’s LOVE  
which soars with their small-small happiness, 
      and gets scared with their single fright .

How do I tell him,
that, even when I was not their.....
the moment he came crashing down the roof, I flinched....
  I can still hear the crash
        and his little startled scream.
When he thought,
     there was no one to save him.
No mamma, no papa in sight.

How do I scold him,
even when he's at wrong,
  he already is guilt ridden, 
and had such dreadful fright. 

Mother rents-n-rave
  for ever in a child's life....
She is their worst nightmare
    come to life.
But if something ever happens to them,
she's the one who dies thousand deaths.
Each scratch on their body or heart...
                   tears her apart, in a slight.
every smile of theirs and every laughter
       makes her mundane life, full of sprite.

 My little one was sound-n-safe,
       even after such an escapade. 
Little cuts n bruises, turning blue n black,
        but no lasting injuries, no fear, no flack.
So the only thought in my head 
         was to thank god, and hold my son tight....
The only feeling in my heart
                   was not to let him out of my sight.

Thanked my lucky stars, over-n-over again
                     for my child,
and just held him, held him tight,
and cried, late at night.
When no one can hear my fear,
            cannot see my plight.
Kept staring at my healthy sleeping boy
    reliving all the mays-n-mights.
Even after such an incident
          his twinkling eyes were full of mischief,
                and his naughty smile so bright.

My children completes me
    fill colors to all my days n nights
so after such a scare I held on to my son, held him tight
                and cried, late at night.
I love you so much my little ones,
             you both are my shining light.

                                           Love ma 

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