Friday, 21 November 2014

Wedding Card

Water color wedding card

A wedding card , made with quick water color, pearls and roses.

This is my first ever wedding card. And I was struggling to decide what and how should I make it. A christian wedding, so the images were of Churches and Stain glass windows, Pearl studded flowing White Gown, Black Tuxedo with a Rose in the lapels, Bouquet of beautiful Roses, Dancing and Merry all around.
I could have made cards with each of these elements separately, but that would not necessarily depict wedding, so I ended up incorporating most of them.
I was quite influence by one of the "Archie's card", an another influence was photo-shoot of newly weds.

I have created this card using Water-color paper and transparent water colors and India Ink. Once the color was dry the base paper was little wappy.(Kinda distressed and curved). As i didn't had any wedding sentiments stamps, I decided to print the sentiment. For that I needed my painted paper absolutely flat, because then only it can run through the printer smoothly.
Guess what !!!! 
I ended up ironing my painted paper, at very low setting and in-between layers of news-paper.
Printed my sentiments, and sprayed Fixative meant for "pastels,charcoal & pencil", so the printed sentiments shouldn't smudge. Tried embossing for the first time too. Used "EMBOSS'S clear embossing stamp pad, clear embossing powder and a floral rubber stamp.
Though not perfect, but not bad.... guess need more practice and may be different stamp.
That done, decked the pretty lady with different size stick-on-pearls, water color painted leaves and paper roses, even a little rose bud at gentleman's lapel. 

And hey! my card was ready....

Hope you like my foray in wedding card making.....Please do leave me your suggestions, which can help me do better.....I really do appreciate them. 

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