Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Watercolor Story Illustration - Nanhi Chidiya

Nanhi Chidiya - Small little Bird....

This is a story of a little bird, a dainty-darling, cute little thing,
even a strong wind can blow her away, but whose courage was as big as she was small....

A story me n my first grader wrote for her class's "show and tell".

Design by Shilpi

One day a dense forest caught fire...

Design by Shilpi

All the animals were running scared, looking for shelters to save their life...

Design by Shilpi

Perched on a tall tree our little bird was observing all got in her head that she should do something to stop the fire before it spreads and destroys their home & their beautiful jungle...

Design by Shilpi

She flew to the jungle's stream, collected as much water as she can in her little beak,
flew to the where the fire was and poured it on a small plant which had just caught fire...
It didn't made much difference, but she kept at it relentlessly.
Flying back and forth between the river and corner of the jungle where the fire was ragging.

Design by Shilpi

Seeing her effort, many animals stopped running. Some were impressed, thinking they should also pitch in, but most off them thought of her as a fool and started laughing at her.

Design by Shilpi

She felt hurt and said to them....
I know I'm small and alone can't stop the fire. But I'll not give up. I'll try my best.
But if we all get together, we definitely can, not only stop the fire from spreading and destroying our homes but our beautiful jungle too.

Design by Shilpi

Everyone loves their home, so they got together to try. Elephants brought water in their trunks and sprayed on fire, so did the birds. Dogs and cats even the small animals like mice helped by digging the ground and throwing the mud on fire.  Encouraging and helping each other.

Design by Shilpi

And that's how they not only saved their homes but their beautiful jungle too.
And in the process they all learnt few very important lessons....
1. We should NOT GIVE UP, for the fear of  failure.
2. We should keep TRYING, till we SUCCEED. 
3. We should do our BEST.
4. Unity is STRENGTH.

What do you say....How do you like my my little one's story....
Do let me know .....your feedback means a lot....



  1. beautiful story Shilpi ..and so wonderfully illustrated !!

  2. Shilpi, these illustrations are just plain AMAZING! What fabulous coloring and story. I'm sure your daughter's teacher and classmates were all very impressed with this!

  3. So poignant and beautiful Shilpi!!
    Dr Sonia